About us

We’re an iconic duo, as yet undiscovered. We’re bougie af and don’t know what we’re doing with our lives. Exercise or die. Reading is life. All we know is that we have an addiction to all things literary.

Caro: Dreams of buying LV bag. Heroes: Clem Ford, Devin Brugman (despite this ,Mel is still her friend). Would give it all up for cheese (except reading obv). Paints. Smarter than you all – also dumber.

Reads to escape middle-class irrelevancy.

Mel: Constant existential crisis. Can’t understand LV but will spend $800 on one meal. Would spend every day at the beach, but lives in Melbourne (for the culture). Professional except for when she’s not. Uses cheese knives. #neverstops

Reads to understand what you’re on about (and what she’s on about).

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